I kissed a skunk today!

Model dog
Model dog

I kissed a skunk today!

Well, okay, it wasn’t a skunk, it was my dog. He smelled like a skunk, or rather, it was his breath that smelled like a skunk. And I kissed him anyway! And let him kiss me!  

We love our pets. We know they can be stinky, but we’re willing to kiss them anyway, and overlook their slobbering, shedding, skunk-breath ways. But, sometimes potential buyers don’t love our pets as much as we do. (I know! Can you believe that?).

Potential buyers have very sensitive noses. While you might be immune to your pet’s skunkiness, buyers detect pet odors like bloodhounds!

So whether you have a kitty or a ferret, a dog or a parrot, you need to do serious, professional cleaning and eliminate all traces and tracks that your beloved pet has left behind. Litter boxes need to be kept clean and out of site, if possible. Food bowls with left over, dried up kibble should not be left out. Even bags of food should be removed to an appropriate place.

One of my sellers kept her dog’s kibble in the kitchen pantry; and the whole kitchen smelled like kibble! My seller didn’t know this until I told her so. The pet food was moved to the garage: problem solved. The house smelled great and it sold quickly!

Until our pets can clean up after themselves, get jobs, and make mortgage payments, we can’t allow them to hinder the sale of our house. We love them, so let’s brush their teeth, clean up their messes, and impress those buyers.


My dog
My dog

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