Top 10 Reasons to Stage Your Home

It’s Feng shui Friday! What? It’s a thing. And it sounds better than Wind and Water Wednesday.

Wind Water
Feng shui, or, wind and water…

Starting now, on Fridays, I’ll post good stuff about home design, staging, DIY projects, green home tips, or any info that might add harmony to your human existence as it relates to your surrounding environment. (Wow, that was really Feng shui-ish).

Let’s start with this:

10 Reasons to Stage Your Home

1. You will sell it 78% faster, according to the Real Estate Staging Association national stats. That means 30 days on the market vs. 100 days.

2. You will get 6 to 10% more money. That means if your home is worth $300,000, you stand to gain (or not lose on markdowns) $18,000 to $30,000.

3. Agents are much more likely to show a home that they know is staged.

4. 95% of homebuyers look online to decide which homes to tour. So, great photos attract more buyers to your home… lots more.

5. Your home will lose at least 1% a month while on the market, according to Zillow.

6. The first markdown can be 3% to 5%. For a $300,000 home, that is $9000 to $15,000!

7. Home staging services for an occupied home cost an average of ¼% to a max of ½% of home value for an occupied home. So, spend about $750 for that $300,000 home to save $9000 to $15,000 on the first markdown.

8. A vacant home must add carrying costs to the 1% a month it can lose when it doesn’t sell quickly: mortgage, lawn care, HOA dues, electric, water, insurance, etc… $3000 a month for a recent client.

9. The cost of home staging services for a vacant home can vary a lot, but 1% of home value is a good average for a 3 month leasing term, depending on the number of rooms furnished. About $1000 a month for a $300,000 house. So, spend $1000 a month to save an estimated $3000 a month carrying costs plus $9000 to $15000 in markdowns.

10. You will have less stress and the satisfaction of knowing that you have done all that is needed to maximize your home’s potential. If you were selling your car, you would have it detailed, wouldn’t you?


Source: Transformations: Stage Happy by Becky Harmon

Thank you, Becky!

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