Tech Tuesday: Inbox

Inbox App

It’s official: Google has made the Inbox application open to everyone with a Gmail account.

So, if you already use Gmail, and you’d like to improve your email productivity and organization, you may want to try the email app by Google (for iOS, Android, and works with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari).

Now why would I go and do something crazy like that, you ask?

Because, you and Inbox can do cool things together, like…  

  • Snooze your messages for a later time.
  • See highlights of emails at a glance – thumbnails of PDF’s, logos, and photos, oh my!
  • Bundle similar emails together. All those e-coupons from your favorite retailers, e-bill-paying, banking, shopping, receipts, email notifications from Facebook or LinkedIn? Voilà! They are automatically bundled into groups like Promos, Travel,  Financing,  Purchases, Social, or Updates. (You can make custom bundles too).
  • Convert physical addresses, links, and travel confirmation numbers into Google Maps or flight status updates.
  • Archive, snooze, or delete batches of emails at once.
  • Pin emails with to-do’s and reminders to the top of your screen.
  • And, customize those reminders!
  • Make some of those not-so-important emails Low Priority with a quick menu tap.
  • Undo a Send! Yes! Within 10 seconds of sending an email, you can Undo it with the Undo Send button.

Inbox is a pretty cool way of managing email. It’s different, I’ll admit. And it took a few weeks getting used to its look and feel. But once I started sweeping away emails, or snoozing them to come back to me later (on my schedule), I was hooked. I feel more organized (a daily challenge) by having my reminders, to-do’s, and messages all in one place.

Some reviewers say Inbox is lousy. They seem grumpy. I say, embrace the change. Our lives are busy, messy, and hectic enough. Anything that helps save time, clear clutter, and gives an instant sense of accomplishment is worth trying.

Have a geek day!


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