Buyers’ Pet Peeves


When you’re trying to sell your home, you may be offending potential buyers without even knowing it.

Here is a list of buyers’ pet peeves:

1. Masking Issues

Don’t cover up defects. Be upfront about your home’s flaws. Honesty is always the best policy.

2. Overpricing Your Home

Having your house sit on the market because it’s overpriced deters interested buyers.

3. Not Preparing Your Home For Sale

Buyers need to picture themselves living in your home. Giving them a clean, uncluttered, and neutral space is essential.

4. Making Showings Difficult

Yes, selling your house is stressful. But, being inflexible with requested showing times or demanding to be present during showings can actually harm the sale process rather than help it, and may top a buyer’s list of pet peeves.

5. Not Considering Your Pets

When preparing for viewings be sure your pets are appropriately contained, as not to disturb buyers who want access to all parts of your home. If possible, removing pets from the premises completely is preferred, but if you can’t do that, ample warning through your agent is a must.


Okay? So let’s repair, replace, refresh, re-paint, re-organize, price it right, clean up and grab our furry kids (and pets), lock the door, leave, and show those eager buyers what an awesome home they’re going to be investing in!


Source: The List of Pet Peeves That Turn Homebuyers Off | National | Coldwell Banker Blue Matter

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