8 flooring ideas to make you rethink hardwood

Wood-look tile flooring
It’s not hardwood…it’s tile!  Beautiful, even before grout!  (Flooring by John Cibula, Jacksonville, FL)

Want to upgrade your home’s flooring, but stuck thinking traditional carpet or hardwood?

Today, there are so many options to choose from: tile that looks like wood and carpet that looks like tile!

8 flooring ideas that will add value and make a big impact:

  1.  PORCELAIN – newer earthy designs today, like planks that look like wood (shown in photo).
  2.  CORK – durable, quiet, comfortable and eco-friendly.
  3.  BAMBOO – modern, eco-friendly alternative to hardwood.
  4.  VINYL- economical, practical, and quick to install.
  5.  CONCRETE- flooring and countertops can mimic natural stone .
  6.  LAMINATE- durable, replicates hardwood, money & time-saving to install.
  7.  RECLAIMED WOOD – salvaged from older homes, earthy, old yet modern.
  8.  CARPET TILE – durable choice for heavily used rooms and play areas.

Adding value to a home is a critical component of upgrades, so ensure your new look will suit the rest of the home before you decide.


Source: Coldwell Banker’s “8 Flooring Ideas To Rethink Hardwood

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