Smart Homes: Top 5 Trends

Smart Home Trends

Smart home technology is becoming more mainstream. If you’re selling your home and want to catch a smart buyer’s attention, consider adding smart home features.

So what constitutes a smart home?

Here are the top five trends:

  1. Smart homes will be the new normal.
    Batteries in the garage for electric cars. Smart lighting, temperature control, and appliances.
  2. Smart staging will re-imagine home staging.
    Light bulbs that stream music, and thermostats that adjust the temperature when you walk in room.
  3. Smart phones are your smart home remote control.
    Smart phones are remote controls. 62% of real estate professionals say that buyers want to control their home from their smart phone.
  4. Brands will continue to integrate.
    The smart home industry is working to make all the pieces fit together, meaning that products will be able to talk to each other.
  5. The smart home will become the connected home.
    Having smart appliances that make your life simpler, or controlling lights and temperature when you’re away from home.

Source: The Top Five Trends in Smart Home Innovation – Coldwell Banker Blue Matter

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