4 Design Tips for Tiny Bathrooms

Tiny Bathroom
Photo, Greg Chow

Create a space that’s functional and stylish with clever storage solutions, bold color accents, and lighting.

1st: Deal with storage

Keep things off the sink and floor. Try under-the-sink organizers, or a deeper, inexpensive medicine cabinet. Hang no more than two to three towels, max.  Put a single towel rack behind the door or on the wall above the toilet (or opposite it) so you have a place to hang fresh and used towels.

2nd: Go bold with color

Pack a stylish punch with color and cool patterns.  Wallpaper can even serve as art. Go for light and bright colors. Paint the ceiling with a shade that’s slightly lighter than the wall color (mix the primary color with white paint).

Tiny Bathroom Mirror
Decorative wallpaper, Susie Kurkowski

3rd: Light it up

Make it easier to see while you’re shaving or putting on makeup. Halogen or xenon bulbs are the best options near the vanity, ideally on either side of the mirror over the sink. Nix the fluorescent light bulbs in the bathroom and instead, go for pendants or recessed lighting. A great addition (if the budget allows) is a damp-rated waterproof recessed light in the shower.

4th: Play with accents

Be creative with small guest bathrooms. Hang a brightly framed or fun-shaped mirror over the vanity. Place a narrow shelf about six inches above the toilet for a bonus surface area to place canisters. Forget the potpourri bowls or fake floral arrangements; they only attract dust and add clutter. Shower curtains, however, can truly transform a room and become a focal point.

Now, take all this inspiration and tackle that weekend project. Happy Feng shui Friday!


Source: Realtor.com’s Design Tips for Tiny Bathrooms by Deborah Kearns 

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