Grill’n clean

Spring  Summer cleaning tip


As summer comes to an end, you may want to give your barbecue grill a good cleaning.

Make sure grill is off/cooled and gas is disconnected before you start. Remove and soak the grates in warm soapy water for 10+ minutes, then rinse. Use a cleaner designed for barbecue grills (found at local home/hardware stores) and spray the inside of the grill, its hood and walls. Take a stiff brush and scrub the grime away. Once everything is dry, put your grill back together and plan your next cookout.

BBQ and Feng shui?

  • QUICK CLEAN TIP: For quick post-grill cleanups, rub your barbecue racks with an onion.
  • GRILLING TIP:  Brush your meat or fish with your marinade every 10 minutes as it cooks. This will add moisture, trap the smoke flavor and will caramelize your meat/fish gradually.
  • FENG SHUI TIP:  Fire increases enthusiasm and encourages expressiveness, inspiration and boldness.

Happy Feng shui Friday!

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