Front Doors

Doorways, portals and passageways

Doors and doorways have been symbolic across cultures for as long as history has been recorded. A door is both an entrance and an exit, so it has been associated with portals and passageways on many levels. On a metaphorical level, a door can become an entrance to nearly anything. Doors hold the essence of mystery. Potentially, anything might lie beyond the closed door.

Even if we see the door only as an entrance or exit, we are still going through a type of transition each time we enter or leave. Whether we realize it or not. We are faced with a choice when we face a closed door. We can accept the invitation to move forward, into change. Or, we can decline it based on something that turns us away.

Judging a house by its front door

A poorly maintained door can be a drain on the positive vibe of a home. And, have a negative impact on the person approaching it; indicating problems within the house that require attention. In short, even though we like to think the proverbial “don’t judge a book by its cover” idiom is the way we should act, we still can’t help but judge a house by its front door — and we shouldn’t. It’s a part of our biggest investment!

The front door frames our first impression of a home. And impacts our frame of mind, our mood, and our attitude. It affects how we feel at the start of our day and at the end of it when we return home.

Adding a positive vibe to your daily transitions

For a positive impact on the daily transitions in and out of your home, make sure your front door…

  • is clean or freshly painted
  • is a color that you like and are comfortable looking at every day
  • is proportionate in size to your house
  • is surrounded by a clean frame
  • catches the attention of the eye
  • is properly maintained, and quiet (no creepy creaking or squeaking)

Bonus: Throw in a nice welcome mat that matches your home’s colors and personality for a finishing touch.

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