As a kid…

Paper House

When I was a kid growing up in Miami, I spent most of my spare time outdoors: riding my bike, roller-skating, swimming, climbing and jumping out of trees—ah, my daredevil days. On those rare indoor days, I’d spend hours creating paper houses, coloring them in Crayola’s Pink Flamingo or Sunglow (it was Miami, after all). I’d position the houses along imaginary streets on the green shag carpeting of my bedroom floor. Satisfied with my work, I’d head back outside to ride my bike for more inspiration. I didn’t think much about it then; it’s just what I did…as a kid.

From an early age, I had absorbed my father’s interest in real estate. He’d spent a lot of time planning and building our custom home circa 1969. He’d take me to the construction site, show me house plans, talk about real estate, and explain things I didn’t understand. But I liked the lessons anyway, and those great memories are part of who I am today.

As a grown-up…

I graduated from Florida State University, 1988, and have worked in Marketing, Education, and Software Training. I moved to Jacksonville with my husband, David, in 1997, where I eventually became a busy mom with two sons.

I’ve been writing and blogging about life, death, and grief since 2007, after experiencing the worst loss—the sudden death of my nine-year-old son, Sam. (I mention this tragedy because it plays a part in how I live my life, as well as the personal and professional choices that I make every day.)

After a long road of soul-searching, I decided to do what my inner kid, the builder of paper houses, likes doing (except the jumping out of trees part). And turn my passion for homes and helping others into a business.

I remember those paper houses with fondness. And I still ride my bike through the neighborhood—for inspiration. I think about real property a lot now. It’s just what I do…as a grown-up.

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