Special Features and Wishes

Open houses and special features

One of the many advantages of working with an agent is our access to multiple listings. That means you can see every house on the market if you’d like to. We can provide a detailed description on any property of interest, including special features. Plus, we screen all the listings before we show them, in order to save you time and eliminate the homes that don’t meet your criteria. Seller by signOpen houses are a great way to get a feel of a specific property. You can be sure that I will inform you of upcoming open houses, giving you the important information and details of the property. If you require special features such as a swimming pool, wheelchair access, or even skylights, we will be sure to show you only those properties that accommodate your needs.


Your property wish list

What does your future home look like? Where is it located? As you hunt down your dream home, consult this list to evaluate properties and keep your priorities in mind.

  • What neighborhoods do you prefer?
  • What school systems do you want to be near?
    • How close must the home be to these amenities: Public transportation
    • Airport
    • Expressway
    • Neighborhood shoppingFamily2
    • Schools
  • What architectural style(s) do you prefer?
  • Do you want to buy a house, condominium, or town home?
  • Would you like a one-story or two-story home?
  • How many bedrooms must your new home have?
  • How many bathrooms must your new home have?
  • Home Condition
  • Do you prefer new construction or an existing home?
  • If you’re looking for an existing home, how old of a home would you consider?
  • How much repair or renovation are you willing to do?