Finding The Right Price!

Helping You Find The Right Price!

I know the formula for pricing successfully!

There are two important issues to remember about price:

  1. It is easier to come down then to go up.
  2. The market will tell us if the price is right!

Pricing Formula

Real estate agents agree that one of the keys to buying and selling a home revolves around the price of a property. Sellers who price their homes too high are likely to turn away potential buyers, while individuals who bid too low for a home may be hurting their chances. However, a recent Coldwell Banker survey of real estate professionals demonstrates that more home sellers are coming to terms with the need to price homes fairly.

Ideally, you should price your home in the range of actual fair market value.

In addition, Real Estate agents agreed that more sellers said they would be open to making changes to their home to make the property more appealing to potential buyers. According to the survey results, a higher percentage of sellers are making the most common and effective changes to their homes to increase their chances of selling it.

94% of sellers are making small improvements to their homes, such as applying new paint and taking steps to remove clutter.

78% of Real Estate agents say sellers are taking strides to remove personal and sentimental items from the home, another common piece of advice that adds to the home’s appeal.

59% of home sellers have purchased new furniture or decorations to liven up their homes.

Realtors like to show their buyers the newest properties on the market, which is why it’s important to list a home at the right price from day one. The first month of showings can be the most important.

It’s important to list a home at the right price from day one.

This can help homeowners avoid pricing a home too high or too low. While beautiful pictures and descriptions of a house may entice potential buyers, properties that are priced too high may quickly turn buyers away before they even see the home. Homes that are priced too low may have a similar impact, as buyers may perceive there is something wrong with the property.

Remember, the Seller sets the price and the Buyer determines the value!

“The Peak Showing Activity occurs within the first 30 Days of listing your home on the market.”