The Selling Cycle

Taking Advantage Of The Selling Cycle

Five Critical Elements Of A Sale

Market value is determined by what a buyer is willing to pay.

  1. Asking Price. This is the number one factor in the sale of your home. Our sales and marketing programs provide exposure to a large segment of potential buyers. The actual market value is then determined by what a buyer is willing to pay and what the property appraises for.
  2. Property Location. The second most important factor in the buyer’s mind is location. The proximity to area amenities and schools is typically a concern. Street traffic, proximity to expressways and public transportation are considerations.
  3. Property Condition. Buyers look at the structural and mechanical integrity as well as the upkeep and cosmetic appeal of a property. Neutral décor, including floor and wall coverings, appliances and fixtures offer the broadest appeal to potential buyers.
  4. Market Condition. Interest rates, competition from other properties, the economy and consumer confidence all influence the sale of your home. We must respond to these conditions with the appropriate marketing and price considerations.
  5. Contract Terms. The terms of a sale can make or break a contract. House sale contingencies, closing dates, and exclusions of accessories or fixtures should always be handled clearly up front in order to avoid any confusion that could affect a potential sale.

The terms of a sale can make or break a contract.

Sell Cycle 4 weeks